2009-07-14 13:17:09 by JinsokuMan

Funny story, I made a NG account in 2003 just to vote and dink around, and now that I want to submit my shit, I can't remember the password, and I can't retrieve it because it's from a now dead ISP email account. Oh well.

Anywho, I just kind of screw around with music, mainly work with video-gaming sounding stuff because I love my vidja games, and that's really all that comes out of me. I'm no pro, I just take joy in what I can create. If all of you out there like what you hear, hey, let me know. If you don't, hey, let me know as well. I'll take constructive criticism and try to work with it - if I can understand it - and make my work better.

Now I just have to find my audio programs, dust em off, and get back on it.