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Awesome copy of Tyson's parody. Animated well, but you landed his jokes waaaay off time and or just didn't translate them well. Still, it was nice to see it his masterpiece come to life.

Catchy song, and nice animation though a bit choppy. By that I mean how you chose to loop a LOT of parts over and over (the main offender being the DJ at the turntables). The stills were gorgeous with the green electricity riding through the wires, which you animated beautifully.

I must say, and I'm surprised I'm not seeing this repeated here, your lip syncing - with the exception of right before his transformation - was pretty freakin' spectacular, so great job on that! To give you an example of where the looping can kill that feel though, is when you reverted back to a looping animation with the mic covering his mouth.

I'm not calling you lazy. Far from it. It's just that there seemed to have been two levels of animation in this one thing. From amazing to a rush job in no time flat, and I think that hurts it. That being said, it seems like you did have a deadline, and I hope that on your next animation you have none and do it at your leisure and best. I'd like to see more of your smoothness, and less of your rush-job. :)

5'd for entertainment though!

MindChamber responds:

I definitely agree. Im going to try really hard to budget my time out correctly on my next submission and get the quality leveled out in all areas. I definitely harped on that breakdancing scene which left me scrambling towards the end.

thanks again for the review.

That was awesome and very well done. I've really enjoyed what you've done so far, and this one is no different. Clean and smooth, good acting on your part, and great use of the reference to Shadow of the Colossus.

Kind of funny how you brought up the "they all seem to know eachother" bit. It's good to know I'm not the only one that ever thought of that. Hope you get up there with them. (Which honestly I thought you were there already...)

TerminalMontage responds:

Hah thanks! You make me blush :P

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Very nice

Very very nice. Only thing I would say is the melody loop maybe should have gotten faster to reflect the bpm and the title of the song, (as in, you're on a missile, oh crap it's getting faster).

Still gets the point across, but just an idea on that. Otherwise, me likey!

stevenagainst responds:

Yeah good idea, I'll try! Thank you for reviewing!

Not bad for core

I gotta say, that's pretty good for using default FL stuff.

Very nice!

It's not hard to have "sworn to heard this before" when it comes to dance/trance/techno, as a lot of the times all the songs have very similar progression with their melodies.

Loved it. The middle where it paused, very surprising and unexpected. Good build up there. My only critique is that the beginning, after the initial build up, sounded too empty. You fixed that up real quick, though!

TUNEIT responds:

Thanks a lot, really thank you. And yeah i agree with you, there is a lot of Techno, Trance and Dance songs out there that sounds similar.

And i tried as hard as i could to fill the beginning, but i had a few problems with making it sound right, again. Thanks a lot.

Oh and thanks for that about the build up, i thought it was crap.

I pretty much draw the comics at e-diots.net. My art's not the best but I do it for the fun of it all!

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