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Awesome copy of Tyson's parody. Animated well, but you landed his jokes waaaay off time and or just didn't translate them well. Still, it was nice to see it his masterpiece come to life.

Catchy song, and nice animation though a bit choppy. By that I mean how you chose to loop a LOT of parts over and over (the main offender being the DJ at the turntables). The stills were gorgeous with the green electricity riding through the wires, which you animated beautifully.

I must say, and I'm surprised I'm not seeing this repeated here, your lip syncing - with the exception of right before his transformation - was pretty freakin' spectacular, so great job on that! To give you an example of where the looping can kill that feel though, is when you reverted back to a looping animation with the mic covering his mouth.

I'm not calling you lazy. Far from it. It's just that there seemed to have been two levels of animation in this one thing. From amazing to a rush job in no time flat, and I think that hurts it. That being said, it seems like you did have a deadline, and I hope that on your next animation you have none and do it at your leisure and best. I'd like to see more of your smoothness, and less of your rush-job. :)

5'd for entertainment though!

MindChamber responds:

I definitely agree. Im going to try really hard to budget my time out correctly on my next submission and get the quality leveled out in all areas. I definitely harped on that breakdancing scene which left me scrambling towards the end.

thanks again for the review.

That was awesome and very well done. I've really enjoyed what you've done so far, and this one is no different. Clean and smooth, good acting on your part, and great use of the reference to Shadow of the Colossus.

Kind of funny how you brought up the "they all seem to know eachother" bit. It's good to know I'm not the only one that ever thought of that. Hope you get up there with them. (Which honestly I thought you were there already...)

TerminalMontage responds:

Hah thanks! You make me blush :P

Fun times

This really feels like something out of early New Grounds, but I can see heart was put in there. It was interesting and made me smile, and I thought the close-ups to see detail on the stick faces was a nice touch.

Critiques? Learn to loop your music better, some of your timing with delivery was off, and this one is probably me nitpicking but try a better way with the dialogue; maybe word balloons or lines coming from the speaker and keep the text to one color as some colors clashed badly with the background.

Otheriwise, that's it! Enjoyed it!

Fucking terrible

But oh so amazing. When the pictures started flashing and the music pumped up near the end, I pretty much lost it. Good job with the timing and whatnots, as always.

Good stuff!

Gave you a 5, but a 9 mainly on your one flaw with sound effects, and I gotta say the stock footstep sound you used from Counter-Strike took me out of the experience. Bear in mind you don't always have to use sound to portray walking or running. You used the sound when the camera shot was pointing straight down and Bats was running across the rooftop to jump to the next building, and that honestly should have had no footstep sound accompanying that.

If you can re-upload this with some sort of different foot-step sound effect, or maybe make your own, I think it would seal the deal. Also, when Gordon was giving his monologue, it seemed like the VA was just reading along with no emotion. Just saying.

Otherwise, good, good stuff. I can definitely tell you used your clay-city model to good use, because those city shots were gorgeous. Work on some of the robotic animations, (Bats running in the end, looks like he had no joints), and you'll be kicking more ass!

Mind in the right place, wrong tools in your hand.

I'm going to take it you're young, and don't have the means, or the right tools or the major know how to use Flash correctly. You did technically make an animation putting together stills through Flash. That much you know. But unless you are putting quality animation through Flash properly (such as properly scanning it in as opposed to taking pictures with a digital camera and then pasting them in your Flash), or just outright using a tablet, or you have AMAZING hand-eye coordination with a mouse (and it's do-able, but kiss your wrist goodbye), I would HONE your skills first on getting to know how Flash works in private, or with a private audience, (friends, family).

I do applaud you for trying, and again, this is only in guessing that you are young and inexperienced. Putting this up on the internet - especially Newgrounds - however, is going to crush you to the point of not even bothering because you will be getting HAMMERED by people and low points, myself included.

I'm just being nice enough to at least give you feedback. Hopefully you get ballsy and try real hard and you come back years down the road and wow the hell out of us.

Very, very nice

Hahahaha! Good job, dude. Old, cliche'd message but very nice way of getting it across. Full points on my end.

My only criticism? Her voice was somewhat hard to catch. I don't know what it was, but some of her lines I couldn't outright get. Great animation like before, clean art, awesome style. :)

Simply amazing

Good job. Very good job. And even then, that is an understatement. I can't say how amazing it was to see that this was all hand drawn without many Flash tricks.

Keep it up, for sure!


Wowie wow wow. That was very, very well done. Good job!

"I hope mine's a football!" GREAT random ass fucking line to end it on. A+++ would rate again.

I pretty much draw the comics at e-diots.net. My art's not the best but I do it for the fun of it all!

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