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Wow. Even with that adult content warning, I can't say I saw that coming. Jesus tap dancing christ.

So wrong yet... still so wrong. But oh so funny. Maybe work on some animation but I understand the crudeness helps in the funny.

TheMillz responds:

Aww, thanks for the defense bro, but I'll admit I rushed this one just to get the idea across. Thanks for getting it.



Very good. The voice work needed a little work, (as in, I could hear the cut in and out of the mic sometimes).

Other than that, funny. Can I buy the rabbia a Coke?

Battosai810 responds:

Glad you liked the toon. Wish the recording quality was a bit better though, especially on Nose's one line. Thanks for watching.


Didn't dawn on me what was going on until I saw the M's above the silhouettes and made out the "M" on the giant's face. The music was amazingly put together very well with the animation, so kudos on that.

Keep it up!

Very well done

Everything was very very well done. The material was very hit and miss, however. A lot of a dull moments, I thought. Otherwise, VERY nice production.

Eh... no

You obviously have the patience since you put it all together, but seriously, more effort, man.

diogoshx responds:

hm ok

Wow. Nice.

That was actually pretty good. I gave you a 5 because it was good, review rating of 8 only because it felt very minimal. The subtle movements were fine, but something about it could've been a little better. Perhaps more hand gestures or something? I dunno.

Loved the ending. Keep it up, man.

fearing responds:

Thanks a lot pal! Really appreciate the high score my friend!

This was definitely minimal. I was recently watching Seth McFarlanes cavalcade of cartoon comedy. I think he does well to keep things interesting with the audio and minimal movement in the animation.

Ill try and work some more movements into the next one though :-]

thanks again!

Funny but doesn't give both sides

Very funny, but skews towards the whole GameStop hate thing. There's a reason it's done.

If you don't want the last new copy, don't buy it, find it somewhere else.

So god damn true

This is why I only use Facebook to keep up with my family across the country.

I just wish they didn't act EXACTLY LIKE THIS.

Very very very nice

Great animation.

One question, though, (and this is the first I've seen of your stuff, and I haven't gone into your profile to see if there's an explanation), but why voice it in a different language and then sub it if you speak English?

Nightwayfarer responds:

i know enlgish, but I can't voiceact it :P

Wow this is old

This brought me back.

I pretty much draw the comics at e-diots.net. My art's not the best but I do it for the fun of it all!

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