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Didn't dawn on me what was going on until I saw the M's above the silhouettes and made out the "M" on the giant's face. The music was amazingly put together very well with the animation, so kudos on that.

Keep it up!

Very well done

Everything was very very well done. The material was very hit and miss, however. A lot of a dull moments, I thought. Otherwise, VERY nice production.

Eh... no

You obviously have the patience since you put it all together, but seriously, more effort, man.

diogoshx responds:

hm ok

Funny but doesn't give both sides

Very funny, but skews towards the whole GameStop hate thing. There's a reason it's done.

If you don't want the last new copy, don't buy it, find it somewhere else.

So god damn true

This is why I only use Facebook to keep up with my family across the country.

I just wish they didn't act EXACTLY LIKE THIS.

Very very very nice

Great animation.

One question, though, (and this is the first I've seen of your stuff, and I haven't gone into your profile to see if there's an explanation), but why voice it in a different language and then sub it if you speak English?

Nightwayfarer responds:

i know enlgish, but I can't voiceact it :P

Wow this is old

This brought me back.

So true

Yep. So freakin' true. I work at GS. This WAS true, anyway. Now I can't even give them away...

So true

100% true. Dicks and boobs makes your flash. Dicks, boobs, and Sonic - for the furries, (gotta get every demographic!)

Insane. Like it's real.

So scary, because it comes off as if it were real, that it hurts.

Sad thing is, it's probably what would happen. Hell, look at such other "great shows" as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat animated series. You nailed this shit! All you needed to do is add a film grain of sorts, and shaky-cammed it the entire way (to give it that old-ness, 80's, early 90's feel)

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